Feitsma Dairies - Heifer Shelter

Outside and in, heifers have room to roam or feed comfortably in this durable shelter.

Ensure your herd is in good health and sheltered from the elements with this open-air mono-slope shelter. This large heifer barn was designed and built with animal comfort in mind. The building incorporates a blended metal-and-wood construction that’s both cost effective and durable. Engineered wood trusses and beams are designed to withstand structural loads. Metal posts and x-bracing provide additional strength to stand the test of time. This facility was designed keeping in mind the improved function and efficiency of everyday farming tasks.

Experienced barn builders across the prairies, Zak’s Agriculture specializes in farm building and construction, including heifer and dairy shelter design and materials. We provide turnkey agricultural building solutions, on site, from foundation to finish. We’re also renovation contractors, able to expand your existing farm buildings or design and complete interior and exterior renovations. We’ll help you build what you need, when you need it and within your budget.

Design Features & Details

  • Hybrid wood and steel-post frame design
  • High,strength concrete foundation with steel reinforcement
  • Metal cladding roof and walls that are maintenance free and easy to repair in the event of a mishap
  • Large overhead doors with commercial-rated hardware
  • Monoslope truss and open-eave walls
  • Screw-pile foundation

Additional Options & Custom Solutions

  • Custom in-house design
  • Fenced-in separated sand lots
  • Drive-through feed pushup lane

Ideal for housing small or large numbers of heifers.


All agricultural building and design projects by Zak’s are backed by our industry-standard one-year warranty. Excellent service technicians are on call and available to meet your immediate repair or maintenance needs.