PA Wand Wash

Zak’s Building Group completed this design-build project with various products that are specific to the car wash industry.

  • The building was a blend of concrete and steel construction.
  • The roof system consisted of a loose-laid EPDM with a gravel ballast and open-web steel joists (OWSJ) that were galvanized and epoxy coated.
  • The walls consisted of concrete-filled Nuform products, including Reline, CF8, and CF8i.
  • The Reline is used as a PVC liner panel on stud walls.
  • The CF8 and CF8i are pre-finished polymer panels that are erected on site and filled with reinforcing steel and concrete.
  • The foundation consisted of concrete slab-on-grade with interceptor pits and concrete grade beams with helical screw piles.