Building a new home or cottage? We offer residential homes for your property in Saskatchewan and Alberta. We can fully customize your home or cottage by working with our design experts at no charge. Enjoy exquisite custom log work and detailed craftsmanship in homes that are designed for cottage and acreage living. Ask our staff about RTM’s and site build options.

Are you a resort owner looking to build or expand? We build multi-unit housing for resort developments. Contact us for details.

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What is an RTM home?

RTM homes are stick-built homes that are built “ready to move,” then placed on a permanent foundation. They are not the same as modular, pre-fab or mobile homes.

RTM homes are

  • built in a construction yard at Zak’s, using qualified builders
  • built to national building code regulations
  • inspected by certified building inspectors
  • shipped professionally to your site

Is an RTM right for you?

Zak’s RTM homes can save you time and money, compared with building a home on site. We’ve been building RTMs for years, so we know all the nuances of RTM home design, building and finishing—inside and out. Partially or fully customize your layout and interior finishings, or choose a completely pre-designed home. In either case, you’ll end up with high-quality craftsmanship and superior workmanship.

RTM homes can save you time and money, since we plan, build and finish your house under one roof before it’s shipped to your site. However, if you want to spare no expense, there’s no limit to the exquisite finishings we can provide, from hardwood floors and stone fireplaces to modern, open-concept kitchens and lofts. We do all the work on our site, which guarantees quality control. If an RTM home isn’t right for you we would be happy to discuss site build options with you.

What’s included in an RTM home?

Every RTM starts with solid basics for a great home:

  • No. 1 Grade, 30- or 35-year shingles
  • Triple-glazed or double-glazed Low-E, energy-efficient windows
  • Blown-in ceiling insulation to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Full wiring and plumbing suited to your needs and preferences
  • Custom kitchen cabinets and countertops with backsplash
  • Everything built to code with quality materials and finishings

You’ll end up with a comfortable, beautifully finished, energy-efficient home or cottage. Our on-site draftsperson and design team can help you customize any and all details for your home. We stand by the quality of what we build and offer a comprehensive new home warranty.

Get the home of your dreams, in less time with less hassle. Talk to us today about building your next RTM home.

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Benefits of RTM Homes or Cottages

Top value for your building budget

Free in-house design advice and support for custom floor plans and interiors

Quick turnaround on pre-designed RTM ready-built homes

Unique look and design options

Comprehensive new home warranty on a fully CSA certified home

High standards of quality control


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