Bring your vision to life, with a new home or cabin that’s built on your property or acreage, exactly to your specifications. Our experienced and visionary team of home builders, construction experts, and designers works with property owners across the Canadian prairies to ensure your house is beautiful, functional, durable, and built to-code.


On-site homes are built directly on your property with a construction crew, like any regular home build, but with the quality workmanship and project oversight of Zak’s reputable team of custom home and cottage builders.

An on-site build is your best choice when your property is difficult to access or the size is too large or irregular for a prefab cabin or house to be transported there.

On-site homes are:

  • Built on site by experienced, qualified home builders
  • Built to national building code regulations
  • Inspected by certified building inspectors

Every Zak’s Home Includes:

  • Durable and cost-effective design-build construction
  • Streamlined project management
  • High-quality building materials and craftsmanship
  • Your choice of framing, roofing and flooring options
  • Fully customizable interior finishing
  • Triple-Glazed, Low-E windows for energy efficiency
  • Insulation values that meet or exceed national energy code standards (9.36)
  • Full wiring, plumbing for dishwasher and prepping for central vac
  • Kitchen cabinets and countertops with backsplash
  • Everything built to code with quality materials and finishings
  • Whatever else you need to make your custom built house or cabin feel like a home

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