We live in the heart of Saskatchewan grain, dairy and poultry farming operations. We understand your business and can build the agricultural buildings you need, on any scale.

Good quality farm buildings can make a difference to your operation’s bottom line. We build post-frame, stick-frame, pre-engineered steel and concrete structures for dairy, poultry, hog and livestock facilities, as well as machine sheds and shops for grain operations. We’ll work with you to design and build the structure you need, keeping you updated on our progress and integrating the custom options that make sense for your business.

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We’re Zak’s Agriculture

We make post-frame, stick-frame, steel, and concrete structures for poultry, dairy, and grain farms, as well as agricultural sheds and barns. We are proud to be Saskatchewan-trusted.

Zaks Agriculture focuses on making it easier for all our farm-building partners. Whether it’s a DIY project or turn-key construction, we can assist you with any size and budget you may have. We offer simple and custom solutions.

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Cost-effective, design-build construction
Our design-build construction will save you time and money.

Durability and affordability
We provide low-cost services with high-quality standards.

End-to-end project services
We will complete your project from start to finish and give you the support and resources you need before and after the process.

High-quality building materials
We offer solid foundations, energy efficient and maintenance-free finishes.

Quick turnaround on estimates and orders
Fill out our form below, and our experienced staff can provide you with a quote and plan.

Fully customizable
We can create fully customizable and scalable designs to accommodate your needs.

Interior finishes
We offer a reline interior finish.

Interior and exterior concrete
We provide high-strength concrete foundations and epoxy concrete finishes.

Helping You Work Better

At Zak’s, we are the definition of a true partner. We are local but not small – this means we have the opportunity to focus on what’s important while also knowing the industry on a wide scale for your benefit.

We provide a comprehensive one-year warranty to make sure you’re covered. We save you your time, money, and stress.

Lease with Calidon

We trust Calidon to provide you with quality farm equipment financing specifically created for Saskatchewan producers.

When you lease with Calidon, you get tax benefits, early buy-out options, no documentation fees, and more.



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