For more than 20 years, our Saskatchewan-based family business has been helping other families and their businesses. The values that guide Zak’s Building Group are the same values that guide our family:

  • Help people.
  • Work hard.
  • Take time to do things well.
  • Support the community.

From Concept to Completion — Under One Roof

At Zak’s, we design and build homes, cottages, farm buildings and commercial buildings, providing end-to-end design-build construction, custom RTMs and retail building supply—under one roof. Under that roof, every customer is treated like part of our family. Their concerns are ours, and together we tackle projects from start to finish, whether it’s a Pinterest project, custom cabinets, a dream home or a multi-million dollar agricultural or commercial facility.

Get to know our products and services:

Reasons to Partner with Zak's

End-to-End Capacity

With our in-house design, engineering and construction capabilities, we can take care of your custom or RTM home, agricultural buildings, or commercial building project from start to finish.

Trusting Relationships

We understand the value of a personal recommendation, so we take time to listen and build trust with every customer. We know you want to work with people you know and trust.

Quick Turnaround

Good tradespeople are hard to find—but we have building staff and resources under one roof, you can count on us getting things done, and we’ll keep you up to date on our progress.

Bring in your design or let our experienced staff provide you with a quote and a plan specifically suited your needs. You can rest assured knowing your project will receive all the attention it needs to make it outstanding.

Sustainability Practices & Association with Home Hardware

Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act

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