Our answer to tiny homes, but zoning and code compliant.

Zak’s Simple Homes are ideal for many situations—living minimally, living mortgage-free, building a guest lodge on your acreage or a cottage on lakeside property, having a simple or off-grid shelter for hunting, or building affordable housing for seasonal workers.

These small homes or cabins are Zak’s most cost effective approach to certified new home building for Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba.

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What is a Simple Home?

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Smaller than Zak’s Homes and Cottages, Simple Homes are for the minimalist at heart or the budget-conscious builder. These small RTM cabins and homes are built like tiny homes but, unlike tiny homes, Zak’s Simple Homes are code compliant and meet zoning requirements for most cottage and acreage properties. Enjoy the simplicity of a tiny home, with the form, function and durable quality that Zak’s home builders are famous for.

What’s Included in a Simple Home?

Zak’s Simple Homes currently come in six prefab models, each one uniquely and intelligently designed for a specific purpose. Our plans include 1-story and 2-story homes, with 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom designs. Their names speak for themselves.


Small and simple, the Getaway has all the basic amenities you need. It’s ideal for hunters, seasonal workers, farmers, and anyone living near minimal services. Easy to run with a generator or off-grid system, with plenty of storage space in the loft.


A compact home with a little extra room to play, this Simple Home has a covered deck outside and storage loft space. It has all the basic amenities, ideal for hunters, seasonal workers, farmers, lake-dwellers, and anyone living near minimal services.


This two-bedroom home might be the quickest way to live mortgage-free. There’s just one bathroom, but with an extra entry off the master bedroom, it feels like an ensuite. This home boasts an impressive kitchen for a “tiny” home, great for home cooking.


There’s room for the whole family—or even extended family—with three bedrooms elegantly designed into the home’s 722 square feet. Majestic high ceilings and large windows welcome in the sun and make you forget you’re in a tiny house.


A functional and attractive cottage that’s ideal for families, the Escape boasts two stories with two living rooms and two bedrooms. A vaulted ceiling in the open-concept living, dining, and kitchen area will make you forget this home’s small size.


Our largest Simple Home, this cottage includes three bedrooms and plenty of space for family and guests. Large windows and vaulted ceilings give you an expansive feel and great views of the outdoors while letting in plenty of natural light.

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Benefits of Simple Homes or Cottages

Simple Homes are your best choice for a starter or lakeside home. Here are five solid reasons for choosing Zak’s Simple Homes & Cottages.

They’re Affordable

Compact and simple, a Simple Home is a scaled-down version of a Zak’s Homes & Cottages build. It’s just smaller—and easier on your budget.

They’re Attractive

Thoughtfully designed and built by our experienced team, you still get Zak’s superior quality and workmanship, executed on a smaller scale.

They’re Adaptable

There’s a Simple Home plan and design for everyone. From the one-bedroom Getaway to the 3-bedroom Retreat, choose the size you want for the home you need.

They’re Legal

Tiny Homes don’t conform to zoning bylaws and building codes, but Simple Homes do. Now in the building business for decades, Zak’s knows how to build small cabins and houses code across Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba.

They’re Portable

Because of their small size, Zak’s Simple Homes are that much easier to move and place, whether it’s on an acreage or a lakeside plot.

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Simple Home Designs

In order to provide the best possible value to our customers, we encourage you to purchase the units as we have designed them, with no changes.  They come in three different choices for finishing: Grey, Tan, and White (as seen below).

We can also assist you with designing a custom Simple Home and Cottage – of course, this will result in increased costs.


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