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Zaks Building Group Structures
Zaks Building Group Structures

Middleton – Poultry Broiler Barn

Run a smoothly functioning operation in this large-scale agricultural building for poultry production.

This poultry barn is built for large-scale farming operations that produce broiler chickens. The facility features several chicken barns and links, designed to be strong, affordable and functional.

Standard features such as metal-clad roof and walls are durable and attractive. Concrete foundations consider the local soil and environmental conditions, to ensure your farm building stands the test of time. Additional structures such as manure-storage concrete pads, with retaining walls, make this poultry farming operation efficient and easy to run.

Saskatchewan’s premier barn builders, Zak’s Agriculture has extensive experience in farm building design and construction, including broiler chicken barn building design and materials. We can construct agricultural buildings on site, from foundation to finished facility, or move a pre-built RTM farmhouse or shed onto your property. As renovation contractors, we can also expand your existing farm buildings or design and execute interior and exterior renovations. We’ll help you build what you need, when you need it and within your budget.

Design Features & Details

This customizable, site-built poultry broiler barn is designed by a seasoned team of agricultural building experts, and is ideal for large poultry operations looking to grow or upgrade their breeding or meat production.

  • Designed with expert knowledge of poultry operations and equipment requirements
  • Designed for future expansion and added farm buildings over the years
  • Stick-frame build with 29-gauge, Tuff-Rib metal cladding
  • Wallbar insulation inside building walls
  • Reline wall-panelling interior
  • Full turnkey project, ready to occupy when complete

Additional Options & Custom Solutions

  • Stamped concrete aprons at front of each building
  • Overhead door bollards
  • PVC windows


All Zak’s agricultural buildings and design projects are backed by our industry-standard one-year warranty. Excellent farm building service technicians are on call and available to meet your immediate repair or maintenance needs.


We construct turnkey farm buildings for independent producers, large corporations and everything in-between. We offer:

  • Start-to-finish services for everything from rom small sheds and grain storage, to commercial dairy barns and complex livestock facilities
  • Durable construction
  • Competitive pricing
  • End-to-end services for your project
  • Buildings to withstand harsh prairie winters
  • And more.

If you’re interested in DIY, we can provide everything you need for barn building supplies and farm building materials.