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Zak's Building Group Agricultural Dairy Farm
Zak's Building Group Agricultural Dairy Farm
Zak's Building Group Agricultural Dairy Farm
Zak's Building Group Agricultural Dairy Farm

Morsan Farms Milkstream Dairy Barn

Choose a turnkey design-build solution for your large dairy operation.

This dairy farm operation is built to last, incorporating specialized features such as polymer-encased concrete walls, formed and poured on site, that provide exceptional structural integrity as well as easy maintenance and cleaning. Three-part engineered trusses are vaulted inside, which provides excellent airflow and gives the interior space a large, open feeling.

Zak’s Agriculture specializes in farm building design, including dairy building design and materials. We will build to your specifications and suggest the best approach to design. From foundation to finish, our turnkey agricultural building solutions will help you get your operation up and running. We’re also renovation contractors, able to expand your existing facility or farm buildings, and execute on interior or exterior renovations. We’ll help you build what you need, when you need it and within your budget.

Design Features & Details

  • Dairy farm infrastructure elements such as manure storage systems, underground piping and plumbing, and storage pits
  • Equipment suppliers are included early in the design stage to ensure the structure is built to the correct specifications and requirements
  • Stick-frame construction
  • Three-stage truss system w/ galvanized support posts
  • Ag-Tuff interior finish

Additional Options & Custom Solutions

  • Sand barn and sand lane recovery system
  • Future additions and renovations can be easily accommodated with building products that are durable and accessible

Ideal for large-scale dairy operations.


All agricultural building and design projects by Zak’s are backed by our industry-standard one-year warranty. Excellent service technicians are on call and available to meet your immediate repair or maintenance needs.