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Getaway – $99,000

Small and simple, the Getaway has all the basic amenities you need. It’s ideal for hunters, seasonal workers, farmers, and anyone living near minimal services. Easy to run with a generator or off-grid system, with plenty of storage space in the loft.  Main living space 384 square feet with a loft, totalling 555 square feet of usable space.

Build starting April 2022.



Smaller than Zak’s Homes and Cottages, Simple Homes are for the minimalist at heart or the budget-conscious builder. They’re built like tiny homes but, unlike tiny homes, Zak’s Simple Homes are code compliant and meet zoning requirements for most cottage and acreage properties.



If you’ve always wanted an affordable home, or a home away from home, or if you’re a minimalist who just likes to keep things simple, then a Zak’s Simple Home might be just what you’ve been looking for. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want a getaway cabin, retreat or starter home that is considerably more affordable than a typical cottage or house?
  • Have I always wanted to live a more minimalist lifestyle or leave a smaller environmental footprint?
  • Do I have a small lakeside or acreage lot that won’t accommodate a standard-sized building?
  • Do I want a simple shelter, starter home or home away from home, whether it’s for hunting, for my farm or for seasonal workers?
  • Do I want to lower my debt or live mortgage free?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a Zak’s Simple Home might be just what you need.



Our entry level Simple Home, this cottage includes a main common room, single room and a bathroom with a storage loft. Large windows and vaulted ceilings give you an expansive feel and great views of the outdoors while letting in plenty of natural light.

  • Zak’s signature pine ceilings
  • Full bathroom with tub
  • Luxury durable and waterproof SPC vinyl plank flooring
  • Gentek vinyl siding in Snow White
  • Price includes moving and screw pile foundation


Every Zak’s custom-built home is backed by our industry-leading warranty.

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